I have been hunting product and bringing it to market for the last 30 years. While I really can find virtually anything, I have strong expertise with:
  • Home Décor
  • Furniture
  • Tabletop
  • Women’s Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Women’s Apparel
  • Drinkware
  • Men’s Accessories
  • Tech Accessories
  • Outdoor Goods
  • Packaging Items and Design
  • Household Goods
  • Games
  • Sporting Goods
  • Footwear
  • Eyewear
  • Pet Products
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • Candle Vessels
  • Bath and Body
  • Screen Printing, Direct to Garment, UV Printing and Sublimation
  • PPE & Medical Supplies

I have lived and worked in Asia and have sourced product from China, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Korea. I have a strong team and long relationships with hundreds of factories that gives us a broad reach and amazing depth in finding what our clients are looking for. Incredibly customer centric and very vertical – we work extremely fast. Nimbleness and Speed to market is a selling feature for us.




Because I don’t go where other US buyers go, I am often able to find items that are quite new or significantly under-developed. Over the years, I have sourced and curated over 50,000 items to sell in the B2B and B2C channels and have generated well over 100 million in revenue.

I have pretty darn good track record at finding very sellable product!



With more than 30 years of global sourcing and product innovation, I specialize in the development of consumer products that are tailored to meet our customer’s specific needs.
How can I help?
  • Perhaps you have a specific product you want to find
  • Maybe you found the product you need but are not confident with the vendors ability to land the order for you
  • You had success with a product in the past – but the manufacturer is no longer able to deliver for you
  • You have a specific item you need developed for you

I would love to partner with you!

Perhaps you need:
  • An item or an entire product line re-sourced to explore better pricing options
  • A concept developed and brought to market
  • An ongoing sourcing partner to help with ongoing development

I would love to partner with you!

Services offered:
  • Product Development
  • Product Sourcing
  • Sampling
  • Photography
  • Product Videos
  • Production Control
  • Quality Inspection
  • Special Packaging / Ticketing
  • All Shipping and Logistic Functions
  • All Export and Import Functions

Your very own sourcing office in Asia, with dedicated people that understand your company’s unique culture, requirements and goals.

Why us

Why us.


With more than 30 years of global sourcing and product innovation, I have been doing this for ½ my life. We are all good at something – I’m good at this 😊 I have spent years in Asia which makes me familiar. I have sourced and curated well over 50,000 items over the years and repetition brings success.


I’m in the business of making product sourcing simple and consistent – whether you use me for a one-time project or to manage your supply chain on a full-time basis, you can rely on my unrelenting help and support.




The process of trying to find the same or very similar items at a better price.
Who Should Re-source?
  • Any business that sells product as their main source of revenue. Whether B2B or B2C, all product-based businesses can benefit from ongoing Re-Sourcing
What should be Re-Sourced?
  • Initially, Key Volume Items that are top sale generators should be considered.
  • Start by identifying with your top 10 performing items.
Where Should items be Re-Sourced?
  • While You can certainly re-source yourself or using an existing member of your team.
  • However, you can also re-source using a proven expert that can quickly help you save money
Case Studies

Case Studies.


Case Study #1: The Water Bottle

  • A client in the gift industry sold approx. 35,000 pieces per year of their best-selling water bottle.
  • For the last 2 years, they had been paying $1.27 ex works (factory price).
  • I took a sample to China on my very next Hunting Trip and sourced an identical water bottle for .84 (which included dSources fees)
  • Client has bought that water bottle from dSource for the last 12 months and has saved over $15,0050 in product costs and $4,364 in saved Tariff charges.
  • We are also supplying this client an additional 6 new items start in the fall of this year.

Case Study #2: The Handbags

  • A client in the fashion industry had 2 very nice handbags that a national chain wanted to put in their 1200 stores! Of course, they wanted a very sharp price that they could not afford.

  • Even with a large purchase order in hand, the client couldn’t get the factory to lower the pricing on the 2 bags. We took the bags to several of our smaller factories and re-sourced the bags at a 30% reduction in cost – using the exact same fabric and identical sizes and quality.
  • Our client was able to accept the large Purchase Order for the 2 Bags and make a 30% increase in profit because of the work we did.
  • In this case dSource took a 4% commission on the Purchase Order, so we could cover some of our travel expenses and sample costs.

Case Study #3: The Cable Knit Stockings

  • A client in the Occasions Market needed to find a new factory to make a very large order for his biggest customer.

  • His current factory had quality issues on their last order and they also admitted that the order was too large for them to do alone. Our team in China found an awesome new factory that could handle the order.
  • We performed the Quality Inspections ourselves and ran the entire production schedule for our client.
  • We even ended up saving him 9% on the cost of the item, 5% in duties due to the lower cost and 5% in shipping costs using our shipping sources from China to LA.
  • A HUGE win for our Christmas Client!
  • We are already re-sourcing them product for 4th Qtr 2020



Re-sourcing can significantly help product-based companies save money and increase their profit margins
  • It takes an expert with the right connections and systems in place to really get the job done effectively.
  • With the recently imposed increases in Tariffs from China, it is more important than ever to look at your cost of good on your highest volume items.
  • You should constantly be looking at your top volume items and be willing to find new sourcing to lower your costs and increase your profits.

D-Source makes it painless to Re-Source your top items!




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